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Thank you for visiting Kaleidoscope Painting's website.  We appreciate your interest.  The following is an article that was published in The Sun Newspaper about us.

A new paint job on the interior or exterior of a home or business is certainly something that should last for a long time. However, many people don't know exactly how to preserve their paint job.

The staff at Kaleidoscope Painting educates their customers on the entire painting process and most of all educates their customers on how to make their paint job last as long as possible. Kaleidoscope gives their customers the products and the knowledge of just how to make that paint job stay in stellar condition.   However, the education with Kaleidoscope starts with deciding what color and brand of paint to use and continues throughout the entire process.

The staff at Kaleidoscope not only educates their customers; they take care of the whole process. The only thing the customers need to do is pick their color. This aspect of Kaleidoscope's service makes the process as stress-free as possible.

Kaleidoscope speaks for itself by simply working with the customer to do the best job possible. The positive response to Kaleidoscope is evident in their word-of-mouth referrals.

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